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Do you want to head into your
next airline interview, fully prepared to perform at your best?

Discover how to manage every phase of your airline interview and assessment day, by being in control of the narrative and understanding what the airline is looking for in your answers.



With Aviation interview experts
Kirsty Anne Ferguson And Tanja Perl

First airline interview?

Internal Command upgrade?

Training Captain assessment?

SO or FO interview for a new airline?

Or, applying for an Airline Pilot Cadetship?

We are here to help you navigate
all the twists and turns of the airline recruitment process.
On-demand at the click of a button.

Here’s what some of our thousands of pilot clients say about the course:

2023 (USA)First Officer CRJ200
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“I got the job in the USA with Air Wisconsin! I will continue to recommend your stellar course and share my own story of sucess”. Pete
2023 (AUS)B737, A320, F100 FO
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"Just wanted to drop you an email and say thanks for all your help! I got all 4 jobs! Virgin/Jetstar/Network & Alliance! Now to try make a decision!” J.
2022 (AUS)Qantas Group, SO and FO Success
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I was successful in obtaining roles for BOTH airlines! Thank you so much for your help Kirsty. I can’t recommend your products enough. The Workbook, On-Demand Coaching, Interview Notes and 1-on-1 Coaching are literally the perfect combination that allowed me to prepare for my interview. At least every answer I had procured was modified in some way after viewing your material, I honestly couldn’t have done it without you! So THANK YOU!
2023 (AUS)Second Career Airline Pilot Cadet
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Hi Kirsty and Pinstripe Team, I thought your video course was excellent- it was engaging, highly relevant and informative and I would recommend it to anybody interviewing for a Pilot role in the airlines. S.M.
2023 (HK)Hong Kong Airlines A320
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I followed and the interview course from you guys, it helped me acquire this job by having more confidence in how to deal and respond to questions. I want to thank you both for helping. A320 Pilot
2023 (AUS)Network A320
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I have just completed your on-line course, and I am very glad I signed up for it! I will definitely recommend it to any pilot who is preparing for an airline interview. F100 Pilot
2023 (AUS)Jetstar A320
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Hi Kirsty, I have some great news! Jetstar got back to me and application has been approved. I would just like to than you again for all your help. Your program was outstanding and vital for me to complete the process and land my dream job! L.
2023 (AUS)B737, A320, F100 FO
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"Just wanted to drop you an email and say thanks for all your help! I got all 4 jobs! Virgin/Jetstar/Network & Alliance! Now to try make a decision!” J.
2023 (Europe)First Officer ATR
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“I wanted to thank you and the wonderful Pinstripe team for getting me tuned up for a new adventure in the skies of Europe. Something I was going to put off, but had a good hard re-think about after reading your advice in the course and workbook was a practice sim. I’m glad I did as suffice to say... I GOT THE JOB, I start ground school on Tuesday and ATR sims are in Madrid, Vienna and Dublin.” Thank you once again, onwards and upwards!!!
2023 (Europe)Xfly
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I wanted to thank you to the wonderful Pinstripe team. Your program got me tuned up for a new adventure in the skies of Europe. Suffice to say…I GOT THE JOB! I start ground school on Tuesday in Tallinn. Thank you once again - Onwards and upwards!!! DASH8 Captain
2023 (NZ)B737 Pilot
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Firstly thank you for the amazing course you have created! It honestly has been such a great help. Jess 737 FO

We’ve been training pilots for airline interviews since 2001- securing roles into 40+ airlines around the world.

We are – your airline interview wing women


Why do you want to work for us?
What are your strengths and weaknesses?
Tell us about a conflict on the flight deck?
When have you deviated from SOP’s?

What is your biggest mistake?

And all the questions we know airlines ask!

Learn all of the above, in the format airlines expect – the SAR or STAR Method


You will also learn…

How to manage Video Interviews
How to manage Group Exercises
How to manage Scenario Questions
How to manage career hiccups and hurdles

What sort of questions to ask at your interview

Why everyone needs to do a practice SIM
Easy technique for managing interview tension and nervous
How to be really confident you are talking about the right things and fulfilling the airlines expectations


14 x bite sized easy to digest videos

Over 1 hour 20 mins of video content watch, pause, rewind and take notes at your own pace.

Free video on psychometric and aptitude testing

Our tips on managing the first stage of airline testing.

60-page Aviation Interview Success Workbook

Our best seller! Yours to download and keep.


You receive 21-days full course access.

10-page How To Rescue Your Resume

Download is yours to keep.


Pilot Interview Questions Download.

Interview Checklist

To ensure you have covered everything you need to perform at your best on the assessment day.

2 Course options

To select from:
1.Course only
2. Course Bundle that includes or best-selling Aviation Interview Success Workbook.

Airline recruitment is in full swing and sometimes interviews are at short notice.
Make sure you are ready to perform at your best at any time.



Kirsty Ferguson – Founder and Aviation Coach
With over 20 years as an expert aviation interview coach, Kirsty has worked with pilots and cabin crew for 40+ airlines around the globe from military pilots to airline cadets and commercial pilots with over 20,000 hours. Including Cabin Crew entry level right through to Cabin Managers and Trainers. She is an aviation mentor, aviation magazine careers writer and spokesperson for the global jobs site SEEK.

Careers Writer

-World of Aviation Magazine
-Australian Aviation Magazine

Aviation Network

- LinkedIn 30,000 1st connections globally
- LinkedIn Newsletter “The Aviation Interview Coach”

- Spokesperson

Industry Mentor:

- Mentoring Women in Aviation

Tanja Perl – Senior Pilot & Cabin Crew Coach
Tanja has clocked up 12 years as an aviation interview coach and she is just as passionate it about it now as she was when she started. Her 15 year old son also just had his first flying lesson! Tanja is an expert award winning producer and presenter and brings 20+ years of course and TV commercial production into designing this course to make it user friendly and engaging for pilots.
Find out how to create The Job Interview Super You!
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