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Kirsty Ferguson - Internationally Renowned Coach and Speaker

Kirsty Anne Ferguson runs a global interview coaching brand Interview Chix with a niche focus in Aviation under the brand Pinstripe Solutions. For 20+ years Kirsty and her team have worked with school leavers, university graduates, executives, olympians, firefighters, big jet pilots, airline cadets and Defence Force Top Guns.

Kirsty is the co-founder of High School To Hireable, a program for Secondary Schools, dedicated to preparing students to enter the world of employment or further education.

In 2021, Kirsty was invited to partner with SEEK.com.au as a Career and Interview Expert. Now in its second year, she contributes to media and provides career skills content throughout their network in Australia and New Zealand. The SEEK partnership continues into 2023.

Kirsty has also been interviewed by and written for Reuters, News.com, Business Chicks, ABC Radio, 2GB, Marie Claire, HRM, Coaching Life, WHIMN and TickerTV, she is a feature writer for Australian Aviation Magazine.

Lecturing at universities including Sydney and Griffith on careers, communication and self confidence. She is a regular key note speaker at Women In Aviation events, Leadership and National Conferences.

Her book, ‘The Albino Chameleon – The Things That Make You ‘You’ Can Become Your Super Power’ is for anyone heading into a job interview or personal challenge. ‘Ben’ the Albino Chameleon can only be himself, ultimately that turns out to be his super power.

Kirsty proposes that this authenticity is something each us possess and harnessing it is the key to personal and professional success.

“The secret to landing that coveted role, a must read.”
Christian ‘Boo” Boucousis | Publisher & High Performance Coach World of Aviation & Afterburner Australia

“If I were in the market for a new job I would find this read invaluable”
Sue Muller | Director Locumco (Recruitment)

“A refreshing breakthrough in how to uncover the immense power we have by being ourselves”
Amanda Rose | Strategic Connector #BossLady CEO Business Women Media

Tanja Perl - Campaign Manager / Essential Coach

International Communications Coach with 3 languages and 25 years’ experience across Australia and Europe, Tanja has the power to communicate across cultures and continents – from entry level roles to high performance CEO’s.

Tanja has worked in Aviation since 2011 coaching Pilots for over 40 airlines worldwide. She was instrumental in producing Pinstripes Airline Interview Skills Video Course – for Pilots, and continues to support airline candidates through intensive individual coaching.

As a member of the Executive Team Tanja was instrumental in the creation of the Australian Chapter of Conscious Capital.

She’s also an award-winning freelance advertising producer for global brands that include Vodafone, NIKE, Coca Cola and Microsoft – winning the coveted Cannes Lion Award for the University of Western Sydney, Deng Adut campaign.

Graziela Oborn - Media Consultant

I wear many hats—SEO guru, marketing strategist, e-commerce expert, project manager, and even a bit of a psychologist when diving into user experience. Each role taught me something valuable, but the real magic happened when I started weaving these skills together.

Imagine SEO not just as a tool for visibility but as the opening line of a story that captivates your audience. Picture web design not merely as a layout but as the setting where your brand narrative unfolds. Think of email marketing not as a broadcast but as a plot twist, a moment that re-engages and surprises your audience.

Mal Bloggs - Military Qualified Flying Instructor (QFI)

Mal Bloggs brings to the Pinstripe team extensive military experience as a military pilot and QFI. Having enjoyed postings to numerous operational flying squadrons, flying training units, the Australian Defence Force Academy and Defence Force recruiting, Mal brings over 25 years of military aviation to the table.

Coupled with two University aviation related degrees, Mal offers you, the future aircrew, direct access to what it takes to ace military aircrew recruiting, aptitude testing and what they look for in the Defence nterviews and Officer Selection Boards, plus a unique insight into what life is really like as military aircrew. This information is liquid gold and will give you the critical edge you need to cut through the BS and reach your goal of becoming military aircrew. Mal has helped hundreds of aircrew applicants become successful through his Get Your Wings eBooks and apps since 2004. He looks forward to helping you now.

Steve Fernance - Commercial Pilot

Commercial Pilot Steve Fernance started ‘New Journey USA‘ to support other pilots embarking on a US flying experience in 2019. Steve has been employed by 2 US airlines as a pilot and has supported hundreds of Australian Pilots to transition to the USA and navigate the myriad of personal and professional paperwork, regulatory requirements, and idiosyncrasies of the move.

Steve has 9000 hours across numerous general aviation aircraft including the B1900 and is typed on the A320 and ERJ145. He supports Australian E3 visa candidates with technical, personal and US transition information often missed by the hiring airline for the onboarding process.


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