• Applaying for a Cabin Crew Role

30-Minute Cabin Crew Mentor Session

WithĀ Aviationsā€™Ā most experienced Career Coach, Kirsty Ferguson.

This session is organised via ZOOM.

A Mentor Session is tailored solely to the questions you have about becoming a Flight Attendant with any airline.

Helping you gain clarity, confidence and perspective.Ā 

Suitable for candidates who:

  • Want to know what to expect day-to-day as a flight attendant
  • Want to understand the career path and progression of this career
  • Would like to know what courses need to be completed prior to application
  • Want to understand what airlines want you to demonstrate in your application
  • Are unsure ifĀ  their work experience fulfils the customer service requirements?

The Cabin Crew Resume Template Pack

Has been designed specifically for Cabin Crew Candidates in collaboration with:

  • Airline Cabin Crew Managers and
  • Senior Flight Attendants

You will require a basic level competency with using Microsoft WORD and donā€™t worry if you cannot fill it in perfectly, you return it to us at info@pinstripesolutions.com to edit and amend the document to ensure it is up to professional standards.

We also ensure the design is changed so it is unique to you.

This product is a professional cost-effective alternative to full resume re-writes that cost anywhere from $500-900 each.

When complete, you will receive two final copies of your Cabin Crew Resume, in WORD format and PDF format.