ADF Resume Template Pack


The ADF Entry Resume Template Pack

Designed specifically for:

  • ADF entry-level candidates
  • Officer Candidates
  • Pilot Candidates
  • Air Crew Candidates


Designed in conjunction with our ADF Careers Specialist.

You will require a basic level competency with using Microsoft WORD and donā€™t worry if you cannot fill it in perfectly, you return it to us at to edit and amend the document to ensure it is up to professional standards.

We also ensure the design is changed so it is unique to you.

This product is a professional cost-effective alternative to full resume re-writes that cost anywhere from $500-900 each.

How to download?

  • This download product is delivered by email (immediately)
  • Download within 7 days to your device (links will expire after 7 days)
  • A Template is a formatted WORD document that you completeĀ 


Your final documents will include 2 versions: PDF and WORD
Please allow 3-5- business days to receive the first edit of your resume once you have returned the template.
It can take 2-3 edits to complete your document.

Product Includes:

  • Resume Template WORD ā€“ for completion by the candidate
  • Cover Letter Template WORD ā€“ for completion by the candidate
  • Resume Template PDF version ā€“ providing in-depth content suggestions and guidance
  • Include a 7-page guide on how to ā€œRescue Your Resumeā€
  • Includes 60min design edit and amend of the resume template only.

For more help, check our full preparation programs:

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