Mentor Session for Pilots – 30 Minutes


Pilot or Cadet Pilot – Mentor Session
30 Minutes via Zoom

With Aviations’ most experienced Pilot Career Coach, Kirsty Ferguson.

  • This session is organised via ZOOM.
  • Following your order you will be redirect to the 30 min appointment calendar


A Mentor Session tailored solely to the questions or issues you are facing as a pilot or aspiring pilot.

Helping you gain clarity, confidence and perspective about a career hiccup, which airline to apply to, how to manage a termination, stand down or medical issue and the options for starting a flying career.  It’s up to you what we talk through.

I always say, ‘If you are not sure, just ask me before making a decision’

Suitable for pilots who:



  • Pilots who have a specific flying or career issue or hiccup and want to talk it through in detail
    It could be a termination, medical issue, managing referees or an issue within your current role
  • Pilots looking at Plan B or C after their Plan A job did not eventuate.  Lets’ take it step by step and figure out next steps for you
  • About to relocate overseas and need to talk through networks and the industry in that country
  • Not getting to interview? Let’s figure out why



  • Are trying to get that first role in GA or Instructing and need to talk through the options and a strategy
  • Aspiring Pilots wondering how to approach an Airline Cadet role, Advanced Cadet, Traineeship or self funding their flying career
  • Second career aspiring pilot, going after a flying career.  Chat about what to expect and the options for mature pilot candidates


In fact, if you need some perspective, are confused by airline gossip or the airline recruitment process, and want to talk through next steps, this session is for you.

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If you cannot find the answer to your question, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.
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