Cabin Crew Interview Coaching Session – 1 Hr


Cabin Crew Individual Interview Coaching Session

  • 1 Hour
  • One-On-One with your Cabin Crew Coach
  • Via ZOOM


Your resume is ready, and your application submitted.

You have completed the Cabin Crew Interview Success Workbook and you are ready.

Ready for the he final step in your Airline Assessment Day preparation.

We work with you one-on-one to prepare you to feel confident as you step into the room. You will be fully aware of what you will experience throughout the assessment day and have the answers thought through and ready.  Ready to perform at your best!

The Cabin Crew assessment day is a busy one, you will undergo lots of testing including:

  • Group exercises and
  • A panel interview


Airlines conduct their own complete and integrated training once you have passed the recruitment phase. In fact, they like to train you themselves from the ground up, no aviation experience is necessary.

Our Cabin Crew consultants have years of experience in both domestic and international airlines.

Ensure you know how to manage the entire day powerfully so you meet the airlines criteria and… get the job offer!


What does coaching include?

Get ready to perform at your best on the day!

Intensive Cabin Crew Coaching Covers:
  • How to manage Group Exercises
  • Checking your interview answers and finding any that you need help with
  • Mock interview (if we have time)
  • Build your confidence by knowing there is nothing they cannot ask you that you have not already though about
  • How to manage video interviews. This is your first impression and it is important to understand what the airline are looking for in your video around both presentation and answers.
  • Image and personal presentation. A guide to airline professional grooming standards and what to wear on the assessment day.
  • How to answer interview questions. The interview questions are conducted by a panel of recruiters and cabin crew members. They expect you to know how to give an example in the STAR or SAR format and to be able to discuss the role, the duties and the values you will be upholding. As well as your strengths.

For more help, check our full preparation programs:

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