Resume Template Pack – Pilot


Resume Template Pack – Pilots & Cadets

Our resume templates have been designed specifically for each level of a Pilots GA or Airline Career with collaboration with Airline HR, Chief Pilots and Pilot Recruitment Teams.

  • You will require basic level competency with using Microsoft WORD, and don’t worry if you cannot fill it in perfectly, you return it to us at to edit and amend the document to ensure it is up to professional standards.
  • We also ensure the design is changed so it is unique to you.


This product is a professional cost-effective alternative to full resume re-writes that cost anywhere from $550-$900 each.

How to download?


  • This download product is delivered by email (immediately)
  • Download within 7 days to your device (links will expire after 7 days)
  • A Template is a formatted WORD document that you complete


Which template to order?


  • The Jet Template is tailored to pilots applying as Captain, F/O or S/O. (who already have jet or multi crew time)
  • The Cadet Template is specifically created for school leavers or those with very little or no flying experience and zero commercial flying experience. (Ab initio cadet level)
  • The Advanced Cadet Template is designed for low hours pilots with 650 hrs or less applying for Advanced Cadet/Traineeship airline training programs, also called Level 2 Traineeships.  You could be a second career internal candidate with past work experience.
  • The Turbo Prop Template created for pilots looking to fly Single or Multi-Crew Turbo Props. (who have existing turbo prop or corporate jet experience)
  • The General Aviation Template tailored to pilots looking for a position in General Aviation or Instructing, this is a 1 page document as that what GA operators prefer
  • The Military Pilots Template created for military pilots transitioning to commercial aviation
  • The Rotary/Heli Template is specifically created for helicopter pilots.
  • USA –  Resume Template is specifically designed for use by pilots applying to Regional Airlines or Cargo airlines in the US

Product Includes

  1. Resume Template WORD – for completion by the candidate
  2. Cover Letter Template WORD – for completion by the candidate (not edited by pinstripe)
  3. Resume Template PDF Completion Notes version – providing content suggestions and guidance
  4.  Include a 7-page guide on how to “Rescue Your Resume”
  5. Includes 60-min design edit and amend of the resume template only.



  • Please return your completed resume template for editing to:
  • Editing takes between 3-5 working days depending on work volumes, but we also do our best to turn around the edit as soon as we can for you.  If you have a specific deadline please let us know.

For more help, check our full preparation programs:

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.
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