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SIM Practice For Your Airline Interview
Ask For A Referral

Our referral to our partner sim providers helps to give you priority.

SIM centres are extremely busy, so ask for your referral early by email to

We have arranged priority referral with our affiliate partners in:
ā€“ Sydney
ā€“ Perth
ā€“ Brisbane
They provide high quality sim profile training with experienced pilots, often with airline jet or turbo prep experience.
Sim Bookings range from:
  • 60mins
  • 90mins,
  • 2 hours and
  • 3 hour full airline preparation sessions.

The centre will discuss your needs with you.

What happens next?


Ask for a referral:
Please email us to request a referral to our Sim Partner in your region:

ā€“ Which sim center – City
ā€“ SIM session length
ā€“ Airline Name you are preparing for

  • The SIM centre will contact you via email or phone to arrange your appointment
  • Our Sim partners pull out all the stops to find you an appointment.
  • Your payment will be refunded by Pinstripe if a suitable appointment cannot be found


REMEMBER: to take along the Airline SIM Profile provided to you by the Pinstripe Pilot Feedback pack or by the airline (not available for every airline). Sim profiles change regularly, however, the SIM training team is conversant with general airline SIM testing requirements.

For more help, check our full preparation programs:

If you cannot find the answer to your question, please get in touch. We are always happy to help.
Please order coaching before selecting Appt

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