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Are you at school or university and about to complete your studies, or wanting a change from your normal 9 to 5 and considering a career as a pilot in the Australian Defence Force?

There are quite a few things you can do before you apply to the ADF, as well as during the recruitment process, to prepare yourself to stand out.

If you are wondering how the ADF selection process works, where to get started and how to prepare for the actual interviews and tests, then read on.

There are currently 12 different flying roles for fixed wing pilots and 6 different flying roles for rotary (helicopter) pilots within the ADF.

What most people don‚Äôt realise is that the Air Force, as well as the Navy and Army offer flying roles.¬†They range from being and Air Force F/A-18 Super Hornet Fighter Pilot to a Navy MH-60R Seahawk or Army MRH-90 Taipan Helicopter¬†Pilot and pilot jobs you may never have heard of, such as flying the Air Force’s modified A330 Airbus tankers (KC-30A MRTT)¬†and conducting air to air refuelling or long range surveillance on an AP-3C.

Another not-so-known fact is that most people think that it‚Äôs ‚Äútoo hard‚ÄĚ to become a fighter pilot and self-eliminate before they even try out for it.¬† Put simply, becoming a pilot in the ADF is more achievable than you think.

Email us today to request a Free 4 page Pilot Career Fact Sheet outlining all aircraft types and job descriptions the ADF offers.

Preparing for your YOU Session and the Officer Selection Board

YOU stands for Your Opportunities Unlimited. This session is how the ADF assesses what you are interested in and decides what role you are most suited to. The YOU session is an assessment session that includes:

Once you have passed your YOU Session you will be invited for an interview with the Officer Selection Board (OSB). For many of the roles you will need to be an Officer, especially flying roles.  The Officer Selection Board means you will have to sit in front of a panel of senior ADF personnel and answer a set of questions. Their aim is to see if your behaviour shows the potential to become an Officer and a Leader within the ADF.

It is extremely important that you know what questions to expect at the YOU Session as well as the OSB interview and the correct format with which to answer them.  It is very difficult to get through the OSB interview without undergoing training in the correct interview technique.  They will know within 2 questions whether you have prepared correctly for this part of the process or not.

YOU session/OSB Panel Interview Training – 1 hour 30mins.

Our Interview Training prepares you to answer the questions in the expected format and be prepared in advance for every question you could be asked.  We teach you the Behavioural Interview Technique and prepare you for every possible scenario.
Interview Training fee per person $275.00 ex GST and can be conducted in person in Sydney or via Skype.

[box border=”full”]Pinstripe Solutions specialises in Behavioural Interview Training, preparation for the OSB Panel interview, resumes, cover letters and online applications. We also offer Flight Simulator training with RAAF and Commercial Airline pilots as well as tailored¬†ADF¬†Aptitude Practise Testing¬†through our sister company Pilot Recruitment.[/box]

To find out more, please¬†don’t hesitate to email¬†or call 0416 272 449.

 *The training and information/advice as described above or provided during our coaching and training sessions, in no way provide a guarantee of entry into the Australian Defence Forces. Pinstripe Solutions is in no way associated with or endorsed by any Government or Industry body.

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