Entering The Defence Forces

Are you at school or university and about to complete your studies, or wanting a change from your normal 9 to 5 and considering a career as an Officer in the Australian Defence Force?

There are quite a few things you can do before you apply to the ADF, as well as during the recruitment process, to prepare yourself to stand out and pass the testing phases.

If you are wondering how the ADF selection and process works, where to get started and how to prepare for the actual interviews and tests, then read on.

There are multiple career paths within the ADF for Officers and you can use your current Tertiary Training to obtain a particular rank or the ADF Recruitment process and testing will identify what role you are most suited to. Did you know that you do not require a Tertiary education to become an Officer?

Some of the career paths to consider:

Our coaching will prepare you for Aptitude and Interview Testing for all 3 services of the ADF: Navy, Army and Air Force.

Read below for General Officer Recruitment Preparation Training.

For specific Pilot Officer Recruitment Training  click here.

The most common reason candidates fail

It’s not because you are not capable or don’t have leadership potential. The most common reason that people fail to be chosen for their preferred career path within the ADF, is a lack of preparation for the Aptitude Testing and the Officer Selection Board Panel Interview.

Our Officer Recruitment Preparation Course will guide you and prepare you for every stage of the recruitment process.

Preparing for your YOU Session and the Officer Selection Board

YOU stands for Your Opportunities Unlimited. This session is how the ADF assesses what you are interested in and decides what role you are most suited to. The YOU session is an assessment session that includes:

Once you have passed your YOU Session you will be invited for an interview with the Officer Selection Board (OSB). For many of the roles you will need to be an Officer, especially flying roles.  The Officer Selection Board means you will have to sit in front of a panel of senior ADF personnel and answer a set of questions. Their aim is to see if your behaviour shows the potential to become an Officer and a Leader within the ADF.

It is extremely important that you know what questions to expect at the YOU Session as well as the OSB interview and the correct format with which to answer them.  It is very difficult to get through the OSB interview without undergoing training in the correct interview technique.  They will know within 2 questions whether you have prepared correctly for this part of the process or not.

YOU session/OSB Panel Interview Training – 1 hour 30mins.

Our Interview Training prepares you to answer the questions in the expected format and be prepared in advance for every question you could be asked.  We teach you the Behavioural Interview Technique and prepare you for every possible scenario.
Interview Training fee per person $275.00 ex GST and can be conducted in person in Sydney or via Skype.

We have helped hundreds of ADF candidates prepare for their applications and for selection interviews such as the Officer Selection Board interview. It is incredibly important to do thorough research on your options within the ADF and prepare properly for your interviews.

Watch this video from the ADF on the Officer Selection Board process.

“I am being appointed, and departing for my initial military training and just want to say thank you so much for helping me in getting through the OSB interviews. I think the knowledge and confidence that I gained from the coaching was invaluable to my success. ¬†Once again, thank you.” ¬†– ADF (Airforce) B.B.

We’d love to help you achieve your goals with the ADF.

Pinstripe Solutions has a 90% success rate in preparing candidates to gain interviews and then the role. We are specialists in the behavioural interview technique used nationally and internationally by 80% of employers. It’s our job to ensure you are fully prepared to succeed, from application to resume, grooming/presentation and performing at interview.

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