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Every pilotĀ career path is different and requires a personal approach. The team at Pinstripe caters for the individual needs of Pilots worldwide.

Applying to a full-service airline as a Captain, First Officer, Advanced or Ab Initio Cadet? Or you are applying as a Charter or Helicopter Pilot in General Aviation? We are here to help.

Need specific advice for your application to the Defence Force or do you want to transition out of the Defence Force? Tap into our industry knowledge and insights.

At Pinstripe we are passionate about helping you achieve your dream career.

Pinstripe Solutions provides the only comprehensive pilot interview training and preparation program in the marketplace. We can prepare you for the actual interview questions you will be asked. We also offer specific SIM profiles, technical questions and psychometric testing information for most airlines.

The expert aviation coaches at Pinstripe canĀ teach you the SOPā€™s for managing even the most difficult questions such as:

– Why should we hire you?
– A time you deviated from SOPā€™s?
– Have you had a conflict with a colleague?
– Have you had any incidents or major mistakes?

We also offer specific SIM profiles, technical questions and psychometric testing information for most airlines.Ā All airlines use specific interview techniques and each role is highly contested, preparation is essential to navigate this process successfully.

Pinstripe Solutions offers:

The Pinstripe Process

Pinstripe Solutions has been working with Pilots for nearly 20 years and our complete process will ensure you are prepared for all aspects of the airlines Pilot Interview Process.

90+% of airlines, including Regional, Domestic Jet and International Wide Body Jet roles, use the “Behavioural Interview Technique” and that needs the right preparation as it involves specific techniques.

The full Pinstripe preparation process includes:

Products are all listed individually on our Pilot products page so that you can complete as little or as much as you like.

To view full range of Pilot Careers products, please CLICK HERE.

Why should pilots choose Pinstripe?

Our 100% Money Back Guarantee

We offer a 100% Money Back Guarantee ā€“ if you donā€™t think our Interview Coaching and/or Aviation Workbook have improved your interview preparation, we are happy to give you a full refund. Thatā€™s how confident we are about our pilot training.

Visit Our Products Page for more details on each product orĀ email us for more information. If you prefer more information in person, donā€™t hesitate to call us on mobile (+61) 416 272 4

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