• Applying to a ADF Role

Australian Defence Force Entry, Interview Coaching
For Pilot and Air Crew Candidates

  • Individual Coaching
  • Via Zoom


1 hour, one-on-one with our ADF specialist, part of Australiaā€™s most experienced aviation/ADF interview coaching Team, lead by Aviation Expert, Kirsty Ferguson

We will cover all aspects of what to expect for the OSB Officer Selection Board.

– Understanding the Behavioural Interview Techniques;
– The SOP’s for answering the dreaded Open Ended Questions;
– How to select powerful Example Questions;
– Conduct a mini Mock Interview;
– How to discuss your motivation to the ADF;
– How to show your maturity and readiness for this career path;
– What the ‘return of service’ means;
– Why progression in your Officer career may man non-flying roles

And anything else we know you need to have thought about.

You also get unlimited email support prior to your interview.

The OSB process has recently changed and we will discuss all aspects of your preparation including the Psychologist interview.

ADF Entry Mentor Session – 30 Minutes
With our ADF Specialist Coach

  • This session is organised via Zoom and your appointment is organised via email.


Considering applying as an Officer at ADFA for either a Pilot or Air Crew Role?

There are around 200 Officer roles across the Army, Navy and Airforce. The first step is applying and facing the challenges of the ā€œAssessment Dayā€ & ā€œOfficer Selection Boardā€ Process.

Thatā€™s where we come in.

Our ADF expert is at the coalface of the ADF and can answer all of your questions about:

  • How to apply
  • What the different roles are
  • Life in the Defence Forces
  • Explain the different flying roles and air crew roles
  • Discuss what the ADF looks for in an Officer candidate


And cover any concerns you may have about lifestyle and career within the military.

In fact, any questions you might have about Pilot and Air Crew roles within the ADF, he can usually answer.


The ADF Entry Resume Template Pack

Designed specifically for:

  • ADF entry-level candidates
  • Officer Candidates
  • Pilot Candidates
  • Air Crew Candidates


Designed in conjunction with our ADF Careers Specialist.

You will require a basic level competency with using Microsoft WORD and donā€™t worry if you cannot fill it in perfectly, you return it to us at info@pinstripesolutions.com to edit and amend the document to ensure it is up to professional standards.

We also ensure the design is changed so it is unique to you.

This product is a professional cost-effective alternative to full resume re-writes that cost anywhere from $500-900 each.

Australian Defence Force – Interview Success Workbook
For Pilots and Air Crew

Did you know that the ADF like you to use a specific format when answering questions during the Officer Selection Board interview process?

Work through exercises that help you:

  • Select strong examples.
  • Understand what behaviours the OSB is looking for
  • Handle the big open ended questions factually such as; Tell us about yourself?
  • Define your strengths & weaknesses.
  • Decide why you wish to build a Defence Force career.
  • Manage career hiccups or inconsistencies.
  • Presentation Guide.