• Cadet - Preparing for Interview

Aviation Interview Success Workbook

  • Use as a stand alone product as you start to prepare for your interview
  • Use in preparation for your ‘individual coaching session’
  • Or as you watch the Essential Coaching Video course. You can take notes and keep them for use in future interviews (we have pilot still using this workbook after 15 years! As they progress in their careers)

Pilot Interview Feedback Notes

  • Please download each PDF within 7 days as the links will expire and CANNOT BE EXTENDED
  • Select from the available airlines via the dropdown list to purchase.
  • Please note that not all elements of the interview are available for every airline.
  • Our pilot notes are provided by actual Pilots who have attended recent airline interviews and reported their feedback.


Our best seller!
Pilot Interview Feedback consists of PDF feedback documents provided by Pilots who have undertaken the recruitment process for 40+ airlines domestically and internationally.

These notes can cover (not all elements available for every airline):

  • SIM Outlines
  • Group Exercises
  • Scenario Questions
  • Panel Interview Questions
  • Phone or Video Interviews
  • Aptitude Testing
  • Technical Questions etc.
  • Psychometric testing tips
  • Airline Recruitment Tips/News


Individual Coaching, or as we call it ‘Intensive Coaching’

  • Via Zoom
  • Individual Coaching
  • 1 hour or 1.5 hour options


The final stage in your airline interview preparation.

Individual coaching is your 2nd coaching session designedĀ to follow the ‘Essential Airline Interview Coaching – Video Course’ to complete your comprehensive airline interview preparation.

It is also suitable for those past clients wishing to undergo a refresher when applying to a new airline.

During your 1-hour or 1.5 hour session we will cover the key aspects, specific to the airline you are applying to, and of course, anything you wish to check.Ā  We know what you need to cover but let us know if there are specific areas you wish to work on.