Aspiring Pilots Myths Debunked #4 – It costs too much to become a pilot

It’s Myth # 4: It costs too much to become a pilot. Well there is no getting around the fact that it costs a lot of money to become a pilot, that’s if you are self-funding your flight training through a private training organisation. Many aspiring pilots hold down full time jobs in order to get their PPL and CPL, that part is true.

But, that’s not your only option, if you do not have the ability to self-fund then consider your other options thoroughly;

1. The Airline Cadetships (In 2018 everyone is opening cadetships due to the worldwide pilot shortage)

2. Defence Force Pilot roles. (over 15 flying roles, Fixed Wing and Helicopter)

Both of which pay for your flight training (or at the very least provide an manageable payment scheme) as well as providing a full time job at the end of training.

If you’re interested in a career as a pilot, take a look at our brand new Aspiring Pilots workbook:

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Kirsty Ferguson, Founder

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