Please do not confuse ‘Me’ with a recruiter, we work for you, the job seeker.

A recruiter recently commented that they did not like a rehearsed or robotic response to questions in an interview and that that is what interview coaches teach you.

It could not be further from the truth.

In fact, we want them to see you, to get a feel for you, and for you to be authentic and yourself. But we also want you have the evidence to illustrate your ability.

Any candidate needs to understand what the company needs in your responses, so as a coach we work on evidence and examples as well as connecting with your audience. Because 50% of your assessment is about how you fit culturally within the team and the organisation, in other words EQ (Emotional Intelligence) is required.

Ability will get you in the roomcharacter will keep you there.

The thing that many process driven people in particular (pilots, finance, healthcare, I.T. etc) struggle with is prioritising their many thoughts, they have all this information running around in their head and sifting that into some sort of order and relevance is something they struggle with especially in a job interview.

Organising your thoughts, making decisions, is about preparation; it is not about being robotic or rehearsed,

I talk about this in my new book ‘The Albino Chameleon” – the ability to know you are, articulate what you want and how you are going to get it, shows any potential employer what they are investing in.

Is this a high risk or low risk candidate?

If they, the employer, think… this person does not know who they are or what they have offer, the employers will decide, well ‘I’m not sure’. Which may well end up in an ‘unsuccessful’.

Authentic, means using your own language, rather than a formality that may not be you. I often hear candidates using a ‘news reader’ style voice or throwing in words that sound good but, is that how you speak day to day? Not usually, and that just makes the job of getting your point across and showing them who you are way way harder.

So, use your ‘you voice’.

Back in the day I went to a job in a very swish advertising agency, I had on gorgeous super high patent heels and a figure hugging pencil skirt and jacket, felt pretty good, teetering around on those shoes, not comfortable but good, uber professional and on-trend. An Irishman even ran out of the pub I walked past in Paddington just to say, ‘you look amazing’, cool! I was in a great headspace going into the job interview after that. The guy interviewing me was a laid back drawling New Yorker, we got along well. But at the end of the chat he said “we are pretty laid back here, so second interview relax, wear something less uptight”. He was right, I was uncomfortable and probably sounded uptight. So I did, I wore my torn jeans and a fabulous western style boot next time and they got to see who I really was. Yep… got the job.

Note, that is not appropriate for every employer; advertising is a bit ‘culturally cas’ you might say. You can achieve the same thing with how you talk about yourself.

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There is no auto cue card reading or robotic rehearsal or spewing out the same old platitudes on my watch.

We give you a system help to sift and organise your wonderful uniqueness and to be able to articulate that.



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