Virgin-750 Corporate Jobs To Go, Could There Be More? What You Need To Do Now

Job cuts are coming and in aviation, an extremely cyclic industry, it is something we have become accustomed to. Virgin Australia have announced under their new CEO, that due to losses over the last seven consecutive years 750 Corporate and Head Office Jobs will go. 

Industry murmurs imply that number could be greater, even doubled. That’s a wait and see.

Devastating for those who love the brand and love their jobs. 

So, who will go? That is next question hanging over everyone’s heads. One that nobody can answer, until they do. 

Want some good news?

Being made redundant was the best thing that ever happened to me. Yep, you heard right! I started my business off that back of an unforeseen redundancy that came out of blue after returning from an overseas holiday pretty much broke and certainly not ready for a protracted job search process.

I don’t want you to be in that exact same position so it’s a good idea to get ready now. The fact that you are part of the aviation industry is a positive, here’s why:

The Upside – You have global employment options.

Working in aviation makes your skill set relevant to a global job market. You are not restricted by the shorelines of Australia, look abroad, for short and long-term opportunities as airlines seek talent on a global scale.

Prepare Now – Just In Case

You probably have some time up your sleeve: It won’t all happen at once, if it does the internal workings of the airline will be catastrophic. It is likely to be staged so that gives you time. Time to undertake some crucial planning and start to action those, pre-empt rather than react:

1.   Get your documentation in place (Source your references, note dates of and details of additional training and courses completed, start preparing ‘case studies’ for projects you have completed etc…)

2.   Update your LinkedIn profile. It is there to market you and connect you with people relevant to your career.

3.   Get a smashing resume ready, this is your first impression, old school lists of jobs and dates won’t cut it, this is a marketing document that needs to be factual and wow the reader.

4.   Start networking and connecting with HR, Recruiters, Headhunters and Management within your expertise areas. Do it now, so that employers know you are open to being approached.

5.   Get a Financial Plan in place; that includes saving any redundancy payout and building a buffer over the next few months. Approaching your bank, accountant or finance broker to negotiate a better mortgage rate or to defer payments using your accrued advanced payments. Get ahead of it now. I can recommend aviation experts Crew Financial to assist here:

Finally, this is a business decision not a personal one, I know it feels personal and it effects you and your family personally, but to the airline, it isn’t. It is about the bottom line and keeping the business viable. Nobody enjoys making great staff redundant. 

Reframe Your Mindset

You might find you need to reframe your feelings around the redundancy before you head into a conversation with a potential employer. You don’t want a negative experience to disadvantage you moving forward. Use your mentors and sounding boards to help you with this, or get in touch so my team or myself can help.

–      Get ready now, don’t wait

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–      Enact an actionable (finance and career) plan A, B and C

–      Start connecting

–      Get your mindset right

You never know, this could turn out to be an amazing new adventure, depending upon what you decide to do next and if you are ready and open for any and all opportunities that come your way.


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