Aviation Gossip November 2015

WordWe have gathered quite a few insights on Australian & New Zealand recruitment in aviation, so we decided to dedicate this blogpost to it. Note this information comes from aviation sources, but has not been officially confirmed by airlines.

Qantas Mainline
Talk is¬†is that Qantas-mainline may start recruiting for Second Officers soon as the new 787 Dreamliner’s come on line¬†and that¬†they may look at up to 100 overall hires.

Qantaslink have been using the Dash8-300 SIM, but due to candidate loads the gossip is they will start using another SIM. They potentially will start using the Dash8 400 again. We have details of that particular SIM if you need some extra insights. Please note that Qantaslink is still accepting applications.

As many of you know Cobham is now using Facecruit for the first round of web-based interviews. We have the Facecruit questions and additional guide on how to use it if you have problems.

The word is that Jetstar Dash8 NZ interviews are very assertive in style and you must be ready for this.  Another insight is that they will possibly offer around 20 direct entry roles for Captains and F/O’s and may consider informal progression onto the jets.

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