Before You Complete Your CPL You Must Do This

Before You Complete Your CPL, You Must Do This

If you want to pursue an airline pilot career sooner rather than later, then I suggest you do not complete your CPL, or as least cover your bases before you do.

Flying schools want students to complete their PPL to CPL training, that’s what they singed up for and that is where the flight-training organisations, want to see you get to. I am suggesting that there is something else you could be doing if your goal is to join an airline sooner rather than in a couple of years post CPL.

I am talking about self-funded flying students of various ages.

There is something that nobody seems to be telling flying students, and that is… once you have your CPL there are very few options for moving directly into an airline role. 

Most of you will have to choose Flight Instructor or General Aviation flying roles (charter, scenic etc…) and spend a few years in remote locations building hours until you meet the direct entry airline SO or FO requirements. Or apply for the very limited Advanced Airline Cadet roles post CPL.

Many of you are not aware that there are many more ‘Ab Initio’ Airline Cadet opportunities than ‘Advanced Airline Cadet’ roles. So right up until you gain your CPL, you can apply for Ab Initio Cadetships.

My recommendation is that you do both, continue towards your CPL, while at the same time applying for the Ab Initio Airline Cadetships.

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