Five Top Job Interview Mistakes Made By Pilots

SIMWe asked Chief Pilots around Australasia and they told us in plain English why pilots fail the interview process:

1. No Practice SIM
Pilots that undertake a practice SIM with a qualified airline instructor perform 80% better than those who don’t.

2. Run Out Of Time During The Aptitude Test
Practice aptitude tests are available on-line and there are also trainers who specialise in getting you ready for these tests.

3. Poor Personal Presentation
One Chief Pilot said: “If one more pilot turns up in their flying boots I won’t even bother to talk to them”.  This is a formal process so your attire needs to be polished and professional.  Take your flying boots for the SIM portion in a separate bag.

4. No Concept Of The Behavioural Interview Requirements
We know within the first 2 questions whether you have prepared in the correct interview format for the panel interview.  Know the technique for answering questions and prepare in advance, you can’t fly by the seat of your pants on the day.  You need to know your career plan, your strengths and weaknesses and have examples ready.

5. Lack Of Attention To Detail
This is one of the biggest indicators of how you work.  If your log book has errors, we will pick them up, if your resume is sloppy and full of errors we notice and if you forget your paperwork we notice.  You are given full instructions of the interview requirements, make sure you read everything.  Recently one candidate flew from his home town in Brisbane to Melbourne for an interview… he hadn’t read the instructions and didn’t realise the interview was in Brisbane! Immediate fail.

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