Flying Schools Teach Flying, But What About The Soft Skills Pilots Need To Enter The Workforce?

Why is it important for Flying Schools to support graduating pilots with ā€œsoft skillsā€ to enter the workforce? Because this not only benefits the newly qualified pilot but the flying school as well.

The more pilots who gain pilot jobs after completing their CPL and Instrument Rating, the better the reputation of the flying school.Ā  Often pilots exit their training with no job to go to, and we all know that getting that first role is often the hardest.

Flying schools who support their candidates to understand the pilot job market and prepare them for it, are seeing three important benefits:

  1. When potential pilots are deciding which flying school to attend, they look at the success rate of recent graduates into flying roles. At pinstripe we are often asked to recommend training institutions. Those who support the candidate with connections into airline roles or an ā€œinterview preparation courseā€ are highly rated by the candidate.
  2. Pilots talk. The aviation industry is very referral based and qualified pilots are often a key source of advice to aspiring pilots.Ā  They know the importance of preparing to enter the workforce and direct potential candidates accordingly.
  3. Full service training. Graduating pilots tell us that they build a high level of trust with their training institution and prefer to complete their preparation with an affiliated trainer supported by their school.

Marketing to aspiring pilots is highly competitive, so what differentiates your training institution from another is key to attracting those students.

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Kirsty Ferguson

Founder, International Aviation Coach and Author

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