Flying Students Workbook – How To Get Your First Pilot Job

WorkbookYes, it’s finally here!

This comprehensive workbook contains 60 pages of insights and exercises specifically for Flying Students and University Aviation Degree Students to prepare to gain their first pilot role.

Many past clients have said: “We didn’t know how to get started” and “I wish someone had told be the options so I could have started my career earlier”.

It will help you prepare from the get go… with on-line applications and resumes.

But more than that, it outlines all of your career options from Cadetships to The Armed Services and more. Understand what employers want in a Pilot and how to decide on and present your strengths. The workbook also includes a vital list of pilot career trainers and listings of Airline Cadetship Programs, General Aviation Companies, Instructing/Flying School Employers and Armed Services Career outlines.

Snap Shot of Contents:

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– Career Paths (Cadetships, General Aviation, Defence Force, Instructing)
– On-Line Applications
– Marketing Yourself
– Preparing for interviews & Behavioural Interview Technique
– Comprehensive Resume Guide
– Resume + Cover letter templates

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