I Hate Talking About Myself

Everyone does – I know!

We all hate it because it now means we have to blow our own trumpet and that just feels darn uncomfortable, who talks like that? Nobody really.

Unless your ego is outa control most of us don’t go around spouting our wonderfulness and how good we are at this or that on a regular basis.


The issue as I see it is two fold:

1 – you need to know what you are good at and what is relevant,

2 – you need to know how to talk about yourself in a way that doesn’t make you feel like a self-absorbed kook.


The first thing I talk to my clients about is the use of emotional opinion-based language. Or, not using it.

The pitfall when we use statements such as:

“I did a really good job with that project” or “everyone thinks I am a natural leader” is that we are giving opinion.


Opinions are worth zip, so that’s why we automatically get rid of emotional opinion-based statements.

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It’s those little phrases that make us feel uncomfortable.


An easy way around that is to use facts and quantify those facts. That way the person listening to you gets evidence rather than opinion, and we can then make up our minds about you.

For example to reword those too opinion statements above:

  • “The project came in 2 weeks early and 10K under budget”

Automatically we can see that you did a great job.

  • “The team voted me in to head the project and together we set the goals and timelines”

Here you can automatically see the team has confidence in your abilities and you use inclusive techniques to manage the team.

And, those facts are doing all the heavy lifting for you.

I talk about all of this in my new book “The Albino Chameleon – Building The Story Of You”.

Register for a copy now, it’s a riot!

Next blog we’ll talk about how to decide on your strengths or what you have to offer, there is a great exercise I want to share with you.

Til then.

Kirsty Ferguson
Founder, International Aviation Coach and Author

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