Is This A Date, An Interrogation Or A Job Interview?

Actually, as my 9-year-old nephew is prone to start everything with, it is all of those.

A wonderful friend of mine was one of the first in our world to dive into the unknown waters of on-line dating 12 years ago.

Brave brave soul we all thought inwardly.

Outwardly we were like a cheer-squad, go for it, why not, what have you got to lose!!!!!!

We, for the most part were nestled within the security of long-term relationships and she, was out there on her own in the realm of singledom, her wing-womenā€¦ us, having flown the coop.

I would describe her as a pragmatist, analytical, a planner and a go-getter, metered by a sensitive and caring heart those who knew her well were privy to.

Deflated by the revolving door of unsuitable dudes, she devised a plan, that plan was to treat it with the preparation and planning she would traditionally give to a job interview or long term career move.

The plan:

  • decide what she wanted
  • define who she was
  • understand what she had to offer and
  • take some risks (on-line dating).

She reviewed online profiles carefully and interviewed any suitable guys via emails and phone calls.

Yes, I said interviewed.

It sounds pretty full on, and yes it may well have been but my god it cut the wheat from the chaff.

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She gave people time, first impressions are not always spot on.

And eventually one person emerged she agreed to actually meet in person.

Just for a coffee mind you.

Attempting not to be too rigid in her judgements, keeping her fixed gaze on the big picture (a life partner and family) allowed her to do this.

“Is this a date or an interrogation?”

Guess who spouted those words?Ā Yep, 12 years ago that one person she met for a coffeeā€¦. is now her husband.


Iā€™m not, deciding who you are, what you have to offer and what you want creates honest opportunities with everyone you come into contact with.Ā Life, love and career wise.

Go forth and interrogate I say!

Kirsty Ferguson
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Founder, International Aviation Coach and Author

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