Is this what’s stopping your Flight Attendant Career?

Getting a start as Cabin Crew at an airline is not just hard, but nearly impossible.


While these roles are coveted, airlines recruit regularly especially when expanding routes and taking on new aircraft. Both things are occurring right now in the industry. So this a great time to embark on this career path.

The most common concerns I hear are:

“Getting through the recruitment process is really hard”, and

“I’m not sure my experience will qualify me for a Cabin Crew role”

The answers to those are simple:

  1. Knowing what to expect on the Assessment Day and preparing in advance are crucial. This is where we come in, We know what you will experience during the application phase and Assessment Day phase.  Our role is to help you understand and prepare for it in advance.
  2. Any front facing customer role is the right experience. Being a Flight Attendant means you are the face of the airline and need well developed customer service/communications skills, if you have Hospitality, Office Administration, Teaching, Reception or Sales backgrounds (and many more)… you qualify.

Getting started?

  • Create a knockout resume
  • Draft your answers to the application questions

You can prepare for the rest of the assessment once that application is in.

So get started, it’s an exciting career!

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“What to expect on the Cabin Crew Assessment day”


See you up there!

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