Recession-proof Your Resume

TickWith the words “possible recession” doing the rounds, 2015 is shaping up to be another tough year to secure your dream job.

So how do you make sure that your resume gets noticed and impresses? A powerful way to show employers what you’ve got is to QUANTIFY your achievements.

Put yourself in the employers’ shoes for a moment. Would you rather read version A or version B below?

Version A: The General Statement seen on most resumes:
As a team leader in my current position I have made a very positive impact in the business, which resulted in a sales increase.

Version B: Quantified achievement based content:
As team leader of 15 sales staff I have been personally responsible for re-designing the sales strategy, resulting in a 135% increase in sales over 3 months. The increase in sales was achieved through:

  1. Ongoing staff attitude training and check-ins
  2. New reward system to motivate staff to increase new and repeat sales
  3. My personal hands-on positive approach and mentoring on the floor.

When times get tough, employers want to hire people that will take responsibility, provide solutions, deliver results and help them carry the business. They need real life examples of positive, hands-on and smart approaches. These are the people employers will select for interviews because they can prove that they actually deliver results.

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But be prepared, a good interviewer will want to pick your brain on how exactly you achieved your sales increase and if you are the real deal. If you can do that then they just might hire you to do the same for them.

Apart of quantification, your resume is a marketing document and it must present you with the highest professional standards. Make sure the formatting is done 100% correctly and that the most important information is on page 1. By that we mean a snapshot of your credentials, work experience, examples of achievements and training, NOT your full name and address, phone number etc etc! That can go at the back.

A good resume really stands out and helps you past the first hurdle of ending up in the “bland” and therefor “Not Invited for Interview” pile. If you are unsure if your resume is up to scratch, please don’t hesitate to email it to us, we are most happy to give you a free resume health check.

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