They Asked Me So I Told The Truth

kirstyfergusonDonā€™t lie at an interview and donā€™t ever EVERĀ steal someone elseā€™s story.

Because we know, donā€™t ask me how, but we just know. Maybe itā€™s years of listening to ā€œ A time I deviated from SOPā€™sā€ or ā€œA time I had to take over from the Captainā€ etc etc.

We can just tell, and if I tell you how we know Iā€™ll have to kill you.

So, you may have figured out that I donā€™t want you to lie, but that doesnā€™t mean you shouldnā€™t have a strategy.Ā  Over the last 16 years I have found that most pilots, who I thoroughly enjoy working with, tend to be honest, straight forward and fact driven people.Ā  Great qualitiesā€¦ but there is such a thing as ‘being too honest’.

Hereā€™s an analogy for you: think about a first date. I donā€™t care if youā€˜ve been married 10 years, just pretend you remember.Ā  Ok, first date, you are chatting away, getting to know each other. Your date asks a few BIG questions like biggest regret in life? Or perhaps worst fault? Or even worse: ā€œTell me about your ex?ā€

Gasp!!!Ā Trust me on this one, if you want dateĀ #2… DONā€™T TELL THEM.

So just like at dates, at interviews you need a strategy. Ā Of course you must answer the question, it would be rude not too, but just donā€™t give the worst, biggest, baddest orĀ ugliest answer to anything.

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Think through answers in advanceĀ that areĀ not ‘deal breakers’ from the start.

PeopleĀ will only know what you chose to tell them….. just sayin’.




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