What does it mean when an airline rejects you?

What does it mean when an airline rejects you?

First of all, it’s not personal, really it’s not.

I cannot stress that enough.

They don’t know you, so it can’t be.

I know it feels personal but bear with me, read on.

Airlines have a set of key criteria by which they assess and rate your performance on the day. Again, I stress, on the day.

Understanding those criteria is key to preparing effectively and performing well during the Assessment Day. There are of course no guarantees but it goes a long way to giving it your best shot.

So a rejection pure and simply means, at this stage, you have not met enough of the airlines criteria. That doesn’t mean that you cannot meet them in future.

Now, most of you have put in a great deal of time, effort, study and preparation in this airline job so a clinical rejection such as an email, can be extremely hard to take.

It’s a completely human response to feel let down and disappointed. It’s a sense of failure that hits you pretty hard.

A Little Perspective

Give yourself a solid 48 hours to put some perspective around that disappointment.

Time is amazing like that.

Then I want you to us this little mantra:

“ I am not letting any employer control what I think of myself”

“ I am not letting any employer control what I decide to do next”

 “I am not giving them that power”

Plan B here I come.

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Why do I need a plan B, well sometimes instead of going straight at it, you have a little detour, whilst still having your eye on the prize.

A Little More Perspective

Here are some interesting facts around airline assessments:

1.   Not every candidate fits a particular airlines criteria or culture, that’s ok cos there will be an airline that is the right fit for you.

Research a variety of airlines.

2. Take responsibility, are you doing or saying something that is sabotaging your chances?

Find out (some airlines will give feedback, not many but it is worth asking).

3. Point scoring; yes, your answers are scored, especially your examples, usually out of 5 points, do you know how to get those points?

Find out.

4. Sometimes it comes down to making tough decisions between a set of highly qualified candidates who all performed well on the day, you could have just missed out by a smidge.

So that means another airline will get the very wonderful you – woohoo!


2017 is bulging with airline jobs so don’t put all those hard earned flying hours in one basket. Spread the love.


Go get ‘em!

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