Who Is Supporting Your Career Goals?

extLast night I attended a Style Workshop prepared by a new Fashionista Entrepreneur, www.tribo.com.au. The owner is a friend of mine and myself plusĀ other friends rallied around to help with filling the first workshop and promoting it. We did it without thinking as we believe in her talent and drive to get this new business going. It was an amazing success!

We also debriefed her the next day. We talked about what improvements and innovations would make the next one even better. That got me thinking, do employees have the same sort of support network?

So I asked some employees from both SME’s and big business.
The answer was a resounding NO!

As business owners and managers there are a multitude of groups and networks that we can join to gain inspiration, gather support and keep up with latest trends. The same networks are not always available to employees.

Many employees had not sought out a mentor to help guide their career goals. A mentor doesn’t have to be from within your organisation, they can be a friend who has achieved some of the things you aspire to, or an ex-colleague who you admire.

If you don’t know who you would like to ask to be your mentor, consider hiring a professional. Many of you had also not heard of a “Career Coach” or if you had, did not know how one could support you.

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A Career Coach, such as myself, acts as mentor and guide that helps you with regard to negotiating, office politics, seeking pay increases or promotions, managing interviews and presentations, seeking a career change, managing the recruitment process as well as helping you build your confidence in day to day situations.

As well as being a professional mentor and coach through my businesses, I have 3 Mentors myself and they are invaluable to me achieving my goals.

Running a business is like a roller coaster and we all need support and people who challenge us to grow. Ā So think who you know could act as a sounding board and mentor for you and simply ask them to be your mentor. I suspect you will get a very positive response.

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