Would You Get Your Hands Dirty?

Screen Shot 2016-08-04 at 12.01.21 PMI heard a literally “loose your lunch” type story this morning. And in my opinion, the employee in this story should be employee of the entire world, not just Australia.

It reminded me of the type of people I want to hire. The attitude, empathy and ‘get your hands dirty’ style person I like to work with, and most employers would be attracted to.

My local hipster café heaves with business every day, lines out the door, roasts their own blend, retro industrial fit out, you get the piccie. This café sits very near a local hospital and university, best position ever business wise.

Not so long ago a patient came in for coffee; he comes in often and is well know to the staff.  He suffers from a variety of challenges, both mentally and physically.

On this day he needed to use the amenities, by which I mean, the loo. He was given the key and proceeded outside in that very direction.

Before he made it to the toilet door – right beside the outdoor eating section packed with customers enjoying breakfast – he popped his pants down and unleashed what can only be described as a giant sized number two.

Yep, you heard me correctly, you can imagine the gasps.

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Customers and staff froze in shock and horror. Somebody had to do something, but who?Then one of the youngest staff members grabbed the appropriate picky uppery type tools/papers etc and set about (holding her breath no doubt) removing the offending stool and disposing of it.

The question I asked myself was, could I have done that? I couldn’t answer it. But I do know that any person who has the wherewithal, composure and empathy to act is someone I’d want to hire.

I know that nursing staff does this every day and do not think twice about it.  But this was a person who signed up for a cool job at the local hipster cafe who went way beyond the call of duty.

Perhaps one should always hire people who are capable of managing the unexpected, especially if you are not.

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